Discover Rwanda w/ Aegis Students

Apr 16

Learning from Rwandan genocide only way to shape a better future

Clinton marks Rwanda genocide annivesary

Decent Burial Set for Exhumed Varsity Genocide Victims

New Genocide Movie to Premiere Soon

Group show of eight Rwandan contemporary artists opens at Charlie Dutton Gallery -

Anyone manage to get to this fantastic show?

Remembering the Rwandan Genocide: the longest day

Former UN Commander at Kigali Genocide Memorial: “Keep haunting us with how we failed you”.

Mar 31

France 'to allow first genocide extradition to Rwanda'

Mar 29

Is This the Cure for Genocide? -

As we approach the 18th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide how much closer are we all to ‘Never Again’?

Mar 23

Ishyo Arts Centre -

Ishyo Arts Centre is the cultural hub in the heart of Kigali. The centre was established in 2005 by 8 Rwandese women passionate about culture and youth. It is a non-profit association.